Monday, August 10, 2009

Behind the Scenes

We finished all the photo shoots today! Hooray! This was a pretty easy day because Emily only had one balloon left to make and then we had to take pictures for the last page.

We made lots of silly balloons. A lot of them were terrible! And we popped more balloons today than any other day.

Elizabeth tried to make a snake but got tired of drawing on it halfway.

Emily ended up reshooting one hat because we found one we liked better than the one that was already going in the book.

Elizabeth had to reshoot her video of the bee, although she didn't want to because she lost a front tooth!

Here are a couple pictures as we got set up. On top, Elizabeth waits for the photographer to check the lighting.

On bottom, Emily practices making some new balloon designs so we have stuff in our book that isn't anywhere else!

It's lunch time! Later!

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