Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Disney Princess Quiz!

Elizabeth took the Disney Princess Quiz and the result is:


Which Disney Princess Are You???

According to the answers you have just chosen you are most like the Disney Princess Jasmine.

An exotic and fiery beauty, Jasmine doesn't want much. She just wants to marry for love and to experience life outside the palace. A strong independent woman, she is ready for some adventure and is quite capable of taking matters into her own hands by rejecting unsuitable suitors and sneaking off into the marketplace alone. When she meets Prince Ali, she begins to get a taste of how the other half lives and finds the freedom she has longed for.

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  1. jasmine is very beautyful but her dress was not so good i did;nt like her dress aladdin is very good stor this movie is very intresting her hair was very long her eyes was very beautyful i like this story very much thankyou