Monday, September 21, 2009

Capybara balloon CHALLENGE

So, after we posted about Caplin Rous, our favorite capybara, Caplin's owner challenged us to make a capybara balloon!

We checked the internet first, to see if anyone had ever made one, and NO ONE HAD! Or hadn't posted one, anyway.
So we set out to do one.

First Elizabeth tried it the usual way.

But the balloons were too skinny, and capybaras are not skinny AT ALL.

Then Emily tried a couple of things, using two balloons, one to make a round body and another one for the head, legs and tails.

We popped a few balloons.

Finally, we settled on a modified "bicycle helmet" twist for the body, and added a nose, ears and tail. We figure advanced balloon makers who have lots of different types of balloons could do something fancier, but this suits us just fine! And Caplin put it on his blog!

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