Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Capybara fever!

We CAN'T BELIEVE we forgot to blog about Caplin Rous!

Caplin is a capybara, which is a really big animal that looks like a guinea pig but weighs a hundred pounds. They come from South America.

Melanie Typaldos got one for a pet when Caplin was a baby. Then she wrote a book about cats and capybaras called "Celeste and the Giant Hamster."

We went to the Buda library to see Caplin at a book reading. He did great! He even jumped up on Melanie, like he missed her even though she was right there!

We had met Caplin before, at a party for when he was on Animal Planet. Emily got to feed him blueberries. Elizabeth wanted the book so we ordered it on Amazon. Maybe we can get Caplin to sign it! Visit Caplin at his site!

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